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Re: Planungen LinuxTag

#include <hallo.h>
Michael Bramer wrote on Mon Apr 22, 2002 um 10:02:21AM:

> >  1. Do we want to have a booth?

Would not hurt.

> >     1.2 How are we going to solve the staff-visitor ratio (so it's
> >         less than 10 Debian people for one visitor).
> Sorry, I don't see a real Problem with this. 

Dito. Hacking center was a good solution.

> >     1.3 Who will be around?

Only Samday afternoon and Sunday.

> >     1.6 What about CD's?
> I like a woody LT CD, like the last years. 
> But IMHO the woody BFs are not ready and need a lot of work (or we must
> master a CD with english BFs).

IMHO BFs are ready. We could use slightly hacked versions of debootstrap
(and so BFs), which install locales as default, feed the database with
correct values and generate localisation files.

> > 	1.6.2 Who is going to master the CD?
> Maybe I don't have time this year for this. Sorry.

Same for me. LT fall exactly into my exams weeks.

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