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Re: LinuxTag etc.

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, Martin Schulze wrote:

>   2. Type of Debian CD
>      [ ] potato installation
>      [ ] potato installation, with additions like Gnome, KDE, XF4 etc.
>      [ ] woody installation
>      [ ] unstable installation
>      [ ] potato demo system
>      [ ] potato demo system, with additions like Gnome, KDE, XF4 etc.
>      [ ] woody demo system

Haven't been following the discussion closely, but it seems to me that there's
no fundamental difference between .debs and a "live" file system -- because a
live fs needs 1) to be installed with boot-floppies of some kind, 2) .debs to
be installed upon it. And both 1) and 2) can also be present on the CD in
original form. So I think it should really be two questions:

   2. Release

      [ ] potato
      [ ] potato with additions "to be determined later"
      [ ] woody
      [ ] sid

   3. CD Type

      [ ] installation
      [ ] live fs ("demo")

Personally, I'd go for "potato with additions" and "installation" because this
demonstrates best Debian's ideas of stability, (half-)upgradeability and
"completeness" (i.e. much software). I'm afraid that if you make a live fs,
there won't be much space for all the interesting programs that people
_really_ want to use, and you'll get some throw-away demo thingy that forces
people to buy the whole CD set if they want to go use Debian on a daily basis. 

Besides, people will need to be able to apt-get install stuff (from the CD) to
really begin appreciating The Debian Way[tm] ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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