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Re: [D-I] "Sarge" oficiala anoncado...

> Cxu ankoraux eblus ke EO estos elektebla en la D-I en estonta versio de 
> gxi?? (en estonta versiono de "Sargxo", Debiano GNU/Linukso 3.1-r2 eble ??).
> EN: Is it possible that EO would be in the D-I in a future version of 
> Sarge, in "r2" update maybe??

No need to CC me, I'm subscribed even if I don't (with big regrets)
speak Esperanto.

Well, it's very unlikely as new languages have a non null impact on
the size of initrd images, which are usually one of the biggest
constraints in d-i build.

We also need time and people willing to test the changes and
people. So, I can't really promise anything for future versions of the
sarge installer.

However, the etch installer will be kept compatible with sarge
installs, mostly for derived distributions such as Skolelinux to be
able ton install sarge (just like the current sarge installer is still
able to install woody).

Given the current manpower in d-i team, I will certainly not bet on
future versions of the sarge installer with more features.

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