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Re: Deleting of this mailing list

On 28 Feb 99 at 2:18, Hanno 'Rince' Wagner <wagner@fitug.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> it seems that these two mailinglists are so-called dead - no one is
> writing in here, so there are (as we see it from the outside) not
> necessary.
> If you think this is a wrong assumption, please let us know, then
> the mailinglist stays where it is. If not, we will remove that
> mailinglist soon.
> Ciao, Hanno, one of listmaster@lists.debian.org
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I wouldn't say debian-faq is dead: i've received several emails from
it in the previous months.  The interesting fact was that for every
question someone posed a censor comment: this is not the right place
to ask this; this will be in the new FAQ and so need to be answered
etc.  The faq mailing list can give more life to the FAQ writing.

Concerning the esperanto mailing list, i think it should be kept
alive, for pure ecological richness.  A Brazilian frasemaker says
English is a successful Esperanto, but we also need Esperanto.

Hilton Fernandes
URLs and help on C++ programming and Object-Oriented Design

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