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Problem mirroring CloudStack .deb Repository

Hello dudes,

I'm trying to mirror the CloudStack .deb repository in our own internal repository using reprepro. But I'm failing.

Here are the URL of the repo: http://cloudstack.apt-get.eu/ubuntu/

And this is my conf/updates file:

Name: cloudstack
VerifyRelease: 86C278E3
Suite: precise
#Flat: main
#GetInRelease: no
Components: 4.1>main

I running out of ideas on how to implement this. With this approach reprepro fails with this error:
:/srv/repos/if/deb# reprepro update
'404  Not Found [IP: 80]'
Could not find '4.1/source/Sources' within './lists/cloudstack_precise_Release'
There have been errors!

If there's a way to ignore sources files would ease the process.

Vinícius Ferrão: Administrador de Sistemas
www.ferrao.eti.br | +55 (21) 8888-2619

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