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Re: updates

> debian-enterprise is a very interesting list. We have quite a number of
> subscribers but almost no traffic. 

I am a developer involved with LBackup <http://www.lbackup.org>.  LBackup is a backup system aimed at system administrators. LBackup is essentially a wrapper around rsync for snap-shot based backups.

There is currently a .deb install available for LBackup. However, the LBackup .deb package is not yet lintian clean. If Debian enterprise administrators are interested in having easier installation of LBackup, then please let me know and I will work on getting the .deb package so it is lintian clean.

Out of curiosity, what kind of backup software or approaches are you using in the enterprise on Debian? I know there are a lot of options available. What would enterprise administrators like to see in backup software?

One of the key features of LBackup (IMHO) is probably the ability to easily change directories though time using the Lbackup 'lcd' command. It is a very simple concept but is very useful during the restore process.


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