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Possible Debian Hosting Setup

Working for a company that provides small businesses IT support.
After having to deal with another useless hosting company for the third time this week (how are there so many companies out there, that have "Technical support" that don't know what "that SMTP thing is") I've decided using existing infrastructure we have at the office and maybe a couple of cheap hosted VPS's as backups, to hopefully get some kind of hosting environment going, so we can move customers over and then when customer's call in I can actually fix stuff within a few months.
My question includes. A lot of our customers just need the basic 3 services. Mail (SMTP / POP3), DNS and Web (Basic static HTML pages, no dynamic content). We currently have 2 unused servers in a datacenter colocation rack, and I'm looking at getting 4 VPSs (2 each, from 2 different provides).
What I'm wondering is... Is there a package or a couple of packages that people on this list have used and would recommend for managing DNS records (Bind server), mailboxes (Courier POP3 / Postfix (Or another well known mail server)) and possibly web sites for about 30 different domains. I don't mind having to read the logs and do troubleshooting the "old school" way (actually reading logs and researching) but just for the other techs who have about as much knowledge with Linux as Lindsay Lohan has with being clean... So just tasks like, adding DNS A records, adding new POP3 mailboxes, adding a new domain to the mailserver config and just general stuff like that. 
It can even be like "Use yyy for DNS management, and zzz for POP3 management and then use aaa for adding new domains to the mailserver)... Just looking at options at this point.

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