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Re: Possible Debian Hosting Setup

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> What I'm wondering is... Is there a package or a couple of packages that
> people on this list have used and would recommend for managing DNS records
> (Bind server), mailboxes (Courier POP3 / Postfix (Or another well known mail
> server)) and possibly web sites for about 30 different domains. I don't mind
> having to read the logs and do troubleshooting the "old school" way
> (actually reading logs and researching) but just for the other techs who
> have about as much knowledge with Linux as Lindsay Lohan has with
> being clean... So just tasks like, adding DNS A records, adding new POP3
> mailboxes, adding a new domain to the mailserver config and just general
> stuff like that.
> It can even be like "Use yyy for DNS management, and zzz for POP3 management
> and then use aaa for adding new domains to the mailserver)... Just looking
> at options at this point.

apt-cache show dtc-postfix-toaster

and you'll get what you need. Disclaimer: I'm the main author and Debian maintainer...


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