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Re: Debian Hardware Compatibility List

On Tue, Sep 08, 2009 at 03:05:26PM +0530, Mayank wrote:
> installation of Debian or will the lack of support for some of the drivers
> won't have much effect on functioning of my system. This is the question
> which is worrying me the most as of now, because I don't want my servers to
> hang up in middle of operations at later stage and it would be really nice
> if someone can help me out on this front.

It is best to see what hardware is supported by what comes in the
standard kernel and to choose hardware by that. If you depend on
hardware manufacturers to provide support for their hardware, they
will do so for only a particular kernel version, and you will always
have to depend on them to eventually provide updated versions for more
recent kernels.

That means that you're basically screwed: What if you want/need to use
a more recent kernel because it has a functionality or a bug fix you
need, but the hardware manufacturer doesn't have updated his software
to support that kernel? Or what if they quit the support altogether?

A "guarantee to work" like you're looking for simply doesn't exist, no
matter what operating system you choose. At best you'll get claims
that this or that is supported, but such claims don't mean
anything. It's always possible that the claims are not fulfilled, and
when having to deal with commercial, proprietary software, you don't
have a chance of getting anything fixed.

Going by your experience with hardware and buying what you haven't had
problems with and building your servers yourself is the best way to
ensure that they work.

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