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Debian Hardware Compatibility List

      Maybe the question has been asked already and I could find one of the posts by Wouter Verhelst where he has mentioned about some kind of installer which can be used for Hardware Compatibility Testing. I need to deploy Debian for purpose of running a web service based application on JBoss. My first worries are about purchase of hardware for this project and I am pretty much stuck up as no major vendor except HP is providing support for Debian and pushing the idea of installing a unsupported OS to top management would not be an easy task as well. Is there any way in which I can be assured and hence push my top management to move to Debian despite it not being supported by major hardware vendors ? I know that's more of a management issue then technical but if there is someway through which I can find compatibility of Debian with different servers provided by various vendors (primarily HP, Dell and IBM) then it would be really helpful for me in decision making. I tried to install Debian 5.0 on a HCL Infinity Global Line 2700 series server and the installation went hassle free, however when I did lspci -n and tried to verify the compatibility using the web based utility provided at http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl I was surprised to see several hardware components as not being supported. Can I consider the report displayed by http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl as final and dump my idea of installation of Debian or will the lack of support for some of the drivers won't have much effect on functioning of my system. This is the question which is worrying me the most as of now, because I don't want my servers to hang up in middle of operations at later stage and it would be really nice if someone can help me out on this front.

Thanking you for your kind concern.


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