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Bug#776010: dpkg-cross: Can generate broken binaries due to off_t vs LFS disconnect

Package: dpkg-cross
Version: 2.6.11
Severity: serious


Some of the config.site files define a value for ac_cv_sizeof_off_t,
but that value is wrong as it depends on whether the package is going
to be built with LFS enabled (through AC_SYS_LARGEFILE for example).
Unfortunately this is unfixable through a config.site deployment as the
LFS checks are performed way later than when the config cache files have
been loaded, so the value cannot be assigned depending on LFS.

Those values would need to be removed from the config.site files, and
packages that lack the value during cross-compilation would need to be
updated to use a more recent autoconf which is able to compute such
sizeof values even when cross-compiling.

Even though I know dpkg-cross is considered completely deprecated and
that it should be left to die, the config.site support is something
that is supposed to move elsewhere AFAIK, so that's the reason I've
bothered reporting this at all.


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