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Re: cross compile mips on x86_64: pcre?

On Friday 5. September 2014 17.14.10 Paul Boddie wrote:
> Now I just need to build a cross-gcc package, hoping that the following
> instructions work with the current packages...
> https://wiki.debian.org/MultiarchCrossToolchainBuild#Local_building_of_mult
> iarch_cross- toolchains

Unfortunately, even with a binutils package built and installed, building gcc 
(in this case gcc-4.8_4.8.3-10, but I also tried and failed with 
gcc-4.9_4.9.1-12) seems to bring about a problem with dh_strip and objcopy:

dh_strip -plibgo4 --dbg-package=libgo4-dbg
objcopy: Unable to recognise the format of the input file 
dh_strip: objcopy --only-keep-debug debian/libgo4/usr/lib/mipsel-linux-
gnu/libgo.so.4.0.0 debian/libgo4-dbg/usr/lib/debug//usr/lib/mipsel-linux-
gnu/libgo.so.4.0.0 returned exit code 1
debian/rules.d/binary-go.mk:141: recipe for target 'stamps/08-binary-stamp-
libgo' failed

I'm guessing that the wrong objcopy is invoked here, but I have no idea how 
this would be fixed. Earlier in the build output the following occurs:

dh_strip -plibgcc-4.8-dev
strip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `debian/libgcc-4.8-

(And lots of other lines for other object files presumably incorporated into 
the library.)

Various packages do get created before this fatal error:


So, either these are being created with dubious contents (although they look 
OK) or there is a specific problem with gccgo, and perhaps a more general 
problem with the selection of architecture-related tools when invoking 


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