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Re: binutils debian cross build misses ldscripts

+++ Wookey [2013-01-03 12:42 +0000]:
> Franz Zinn wrote:

> Hmm. I use TARGET=sparc dpkg-buildpackage

I tried this (with 2.23.1) and found a bug - --target in configure is set to 'sparc'
rasther than sparc-linux-gnu which means it builds for sparc-sunos.

This may well be due to my modifications for DEB_TARGET_ARCH so I've
fixed that and will submit an updated patch.

that built OK, but yes there are no ldscripts/* files in there. 

> However trying to assemble and link for a sun4 system (-m sun4
> argument to sparc-linux-gnu-ld ), results in a error that
> ldscripts/sun4.x is not found.

> Indeed the cross build process does not install the ldscripts into the
> deb package, even though the are generated and can be found in the
> builddir-sparc-linux-gnu directory.    

I just read this a bit more carefully, and realised that I missed an
important point. You want to target sunos rather than sparc-linux-gnu?
Can one expect that to work using a binutils built for linux (i.e the
ABI stuff is all the same, only the linkage changes?) I wouldn't
expect that to work without building a binutils specifically targeting
sparc-sun-sunos4.1 (or something like that - I don't know which rune
is right )

dpkg-architecture -L list a lot of architectures/ABIs there is solaris
and opensolaris, but not sunos. Is one of those right?

The debian packaging primarily aims at building cross-toolchains
suitable for building packages for debian architectures. If they also
build other stuff then that's cool, but it's a bonus, and not
necessarily tested. 

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