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Re: Creating debs using a cross-build envronment?

    Hi all. I am following this thread with great interest.

As far as I know, Adacore provides gnat native and source. But, since the compiler is written in Ada, the source is of little use if you haven't already an Ada compiler. If you want a cross-compiler, I guess you'll have to pay for it.

I had this problem last year, trying to compile gnat for the Powerpcspe architecture. At that time, there was an unofficial Debian port for this architecture, but they had not ported gnat. Since I haven't the gcc skills to configure myself a gnat cross-compiler, I finally gave up.

As far as I understand, Emdebian now supports Powerpcspe for cross-building, and I think this would be *the* way for me, and similarly for Hurd. Svante, whatever method you use, this one or another, I would be happy to know how it works.


Le 24/02/2012 14:39, Wookey a écrit :
+++ Svante Signell [2012-02-24 08:35 +0100]:
Any ideas wrt gnat? Otherwise I'll try the cross-build effort. Looks
like I need to do both a cross-build and porting gnat to Hurd at the
same time (some progress already).
yes. this seems to be a useful page:
but ultimately 'ask the gnat/ada people'

The armhf port (in the form of Konstantinos Margaritis) is also
working on this right now. You may find it useful to compare notes.

This is where CC_FOR_BUILD comes in. Quite a few packages use this kind
of method.
I think I understand, but can you give documentation references, or
better, examples?
It's mentioned on the above page.


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