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Re: Most compatible linux board

+++ Willian Paixão [2011-11-04 17:50 -0300]:
> Ow, thanks Xavier,
> I work with FPGA and I haven't seen this project yet!
> Actually, I haven't think about put a FPGA! I don't know how I miss this.
> My first idea is put some ARM processor with 32 bits and maybe run Debian, but
> your idea is more harder and fun!

If you like Debian+FPGA+arm32 and embedding then balloonboard3 is
another worth considering: http://balloonboard.org/ 

It's quite a capable board (specs are here: http://www.iendian.com/),
but the FPGA variant is relatively high power at about 2W, CPLD
version much lower. It's also open (ish) hardware, and all the devs
use Debian/Emdebian so that works nicely.

It doesn't have wifi built in either. We've used CF-card wifi cards
for that functionality, but it could also be done via USB. It has a
16-bit bus coming out of the CPLD/FPGA which you can use as you see
fit. We've hung the NAND plus other special purpose (e.g. display)
peripherals off it. 

Principal hats:  Linaro, Emdebian, Wookware, Balloonboard, ARM

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