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Re: Most compatible linux board


May be a look at the armedeus [1] project can be of some help ?
For not too much money you get CPU + FPGA.

[1] http://www.armadeus.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
Le 04/11/2011 21:08, Willian Paixão a écrit :
I'm doing a little helicopter. It's a toy/hobby more or less.
With 5 pounds and many features.

So, I wanto put a whole embedded system to control it, since wifi
connectivity until on-the-fly stablilization.
I need some strong processor/board to control all of it. My question is:
which is the most linux compatible embedded board in the market?

For now, i'm searching something between Atmel and  Texas Ins.
I have technology enough for build my own board if necessary.

So, give me your experiences with your embedded. This little project
will be open source/hardware.

Thanks a lot.

Willian Paixão
Computer Engineer

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