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Re: curious about size...

On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:38:40 -0400
Christopher Barry <christopher.r.barry@gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> Approximately what is the default ARM installed size with a later 2.6
> kernel?

There is no default. The kernel is a few megabytes, the rest depends on
what you want the board to achieve.

Simplest way is to decide on your list of packages and pass that into
a multistrap conf file pointing at Emdebian Grip and then run that (for
your native architecture as size won't change that much) and get the
size from that. (Multistrap cleans out the downloaded packages and apt
cache, so you get a better idea than debootstrap.)

There is information on the website already listing some guesses at
possible sizes.


50Mb unpacked and configured for just the Priority: required packages
from Emdebian Grip. 15Mb download compressed.

Grip can go smaller but requires care and is likely to not include
support for typical tasks. Quite easy to make an unbootable system that
way, so you need to have a rescue environment.

Emdebian Crush is smaller (~24Mb for a minimal system) but is only
available for oldstable (Lenny) and ARM (not armel or armhf).

Those sizes do NOT include the kernel itself, nor the kernel modules.


Neil Williams

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