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Preparing a Squeeze point release

There is a Debian Squeeze point release coming up but Emdebian Grip
missed the last point release for various reasons to do with trying to
implement the methods to integrate Emdebian into Debian [0].

So I've been updating stuff in squeeze-proposed-updates (as some people
may already have noticed) and I'll get a point release out before the
Debian point release, then another point release a while after the
Debian one. (It's just easier for me that way.)

In time, this will be managed properly by the release team.

Once this first point release is out, I'm looking to move unstable to
unstable-grip, at which point the dev, debug, doc & java components all
fold back into main. I'll sort out symlinks once it's ready. The new
suites (testing-grip & unstable-grip) will be available on
www.emdebian.org, so keep using existing sources and let the symlinks
do the rest. Once integration is working, unstable-grip and
subsequently testing-grip will become available via your favourite
Debian mirror as dedicated suites - only without symlinks for the old
components, there will be only main. Once that is working, unstable on
www.emdebian.org will become just another mirror of unstable-grip and
testing-grip as unstable and testing respectively, with symlinks to
cope with the removal of the components.

Unofficial ports are NOT affected by the changes to
unstable/unstable-grip and, for now at least, that includes armhf.

During the changes to unstable, there will be times when lots of
packages are uninstallable, including some very basic ones, so it could
easily happen that unstable and testing become unusable for rootfs
creation / bootstrapping for a while. Don't complain, this is all going
to take time - just use stable. (Hence the stable point release to
ensure that stable is at least closer to Debian stable.)

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianIntegration


Neil Williams

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