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Re: A couple of polystrap patches, and more problems to be solved


On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 08:12:28AM +0200, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> let me try to pick up this topic again and lets hope I dont mess up
> somewhere because this thread is already a bit old :)

Well, I have left this issue aside as well in the last months...

> with respect to qtmoko, can we reevaluate the current situation?

... so I will have to take the time for this too, but this may have to
wait a bit.

> > As for ldconfig, it may just be failing because I have a
> > ./sbin/ldconfig.REAL here, but to better understand, I'd need some
> > background about *why* these backups are taken, and *who* is supposed
> > to mess with those files, which we don't want to.  Could you add a
> > small comment nearby in the script to make it clear ?
> fakechroot can't handle statically linked binaries so it is replaced by
> a dummy instead
> same thing is done for ldd which is not replaced by a dummy but by a
> perl script using objdump to emulate ldd's behavior.

Oh, I now see default/root/.  I'll have to see why it was not used in
my runs.

Best regards,

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