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Emdebian filesystem setup question

I'm curious what the Emdebian filesystem looks like.  I'm wanting to install this on a flash device, and once deployed, it needs to run very reliably and withstand sudden loss of power, etc.  I don't need it to retain any information from one boot to the next.  For this reason, I'm wanting the entire root filesystem to be read only, and then have /var in a ram disk, or tmpfs, and store items in /var while they are awaiting processing.  There will be many write/erase cycles to this area, and therefore want to keep it off the flash.  I'm also thinking by having the rootfs readonly, I'll avoid possible filesystem corruption loss of power.  This will operate exactly like one of the LiveCD distros.  The only reason I don't use a LiveCD is I need my own apps on it, and need to be able to provide other custom configuration settings.

Is this setup easy to achieve with this Emdebian distro?



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