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Re: Debian Social Contract

On 11-06-17 at 11:08am, Neil Williams wrote:
> Do we already consider ourselves (as Emdebian) to be bound by the 
> Debian Social Contract?
> http://www.debian.org/social_contract
> I suspect the answer is Yes. I can't see anything in the contract that 
> would affect what Emdebian is trying to achieve.
> It is probably worth, therefore, putting exactly this statement on the 
> www.emdebian.org website front page in the interests of clarity over 
> the trademark and name usage etc. I propose to do this in the next few 
> days.

I think that is a good move in the right direction.

When assured that Emdebian consider itself bound by Debian Social 
Contract, next step is to have 

I believe, however (without being an expert on licensing) that it does 
not affect the use of Debian trademark and name: Anyone can choose to 
obey Debian Social Contract, but Debian needs to approve of any external 

So when we (Emdebian) are certain that we match Debian to a sensible 
degree (i.e. by obeying Social Contract, and fair amounts of Policy), we 
should a) ask Debian for permission formally for the use of their name, 
and/or b) ask Debian to "make room for us" as a Debian-internal project.

I write "make room for us", as I believe it requires changes to Debian 

Personally I find b) most ideal, but since I would expect that to take 
time and the process potentially stir big debates, I guess it still 
makes sense to do a) as an intermediary step.

 - Jonas

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