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Re: Regarding emsetup.

On Sun, 10 Apr 2011 23:19:22 +0530
mindentropy <mindentropy@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sunday 10 Apr 2011 2:42:54 am Neil Williams wrote:
> > Everything is described on the Emdebian website at the URL's above.
> > Forget emsetup and emdebian-tools.
> I am following the directions in the links. I am missing apt-cross. Should I 
> be using xapt instead?

Which links? AFAICT there are no remaining links which mention
emdebian-tools or apt-cross, except the ones describing Emdebian Crush
but those pages CLEARLY indicate that the Crush information is only
retained for reference. Crush cannot be re-built or modified - at all,
not even slightly. Sigh. Looks like I'll have to change the docs again
to prevent people thinking Crush is of any use other than historical
interest. Don't try to work on Crush!!!!

Most situations just need Emdebian Grip and installations which are
smaller than Grip can provide are not workable currently because we're
in the midst of a large transition to Multi-Arch which is interrupting
and changing how cross-building works in Debian and Emdebian.

Please forget Crush. It exists only for historians and to preserve the
patches which turned out to be useful in some of the subsequent changes
and the transition to Multi-Arch.

If you're thinking you can rebuild Crush on a Lenny base and compile it
(only for ARM, not armel), you'll probably find it fails in mysterious
ways because a lot of packages needed significant manual tweaks to get
Crush to build the first time. I will NOT be able to support you in that
task and nobody else knows about how Crush 1.0 was created. Forget it.


Neil Williams

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