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Re: Areas of Emdebian to integrate into Debian

On Sunday 03 April 2011, Hector Oron wrote:
> Hi,
> 2011/4/3 David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com>:
> > The big difficulty with this is going to be getting all the fixes that
> > are necessary into the kernels.  Given that normal Debian kernels would
> > not need the fixes what is their incentive to accept them.
> >
> > Just look at
> >
> > the enormous list of patches that OpenWRT applies to the kernels, many
> > of which are for SoC peripherals (and this applies to MIPS SoCs as well
> > as ARM ones).  Yes these fixes should be in the kernel, but they are not
> > and without them the kernels are no use for boards like Micro
> > Routerboards and Ubiquity Routerstations (to take but two I have tried).
> If someone steps up to apply *and maintain* OpenWRT or other patchsets
> against linux-2.6 Debian package. I do not see objection to support
> that package in Emdebian and have packages available at Emdebian
> repositories. Trying to minimize the work, we could focus on long term
> and embedded suitable tagged kernels.
> The above would imply to add support into flash-kernel as well for
> infield upgrades.
> Cheers,
The problem is that without these patches, Debian in any form can not support
these devices because the regular kernel is insufficient.


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