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Re: Areas of Emdebian to integrate into Debian

On Sunday 03 April 2011, Hector Oron wrote:
> Hi,
> 2011/4/3 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:
> > What do embedded people want to change in Debian and how does Emdebian
> > need to change Debian to make this work?
> > 
> > What else?
>  * Changes to Debian build tools (pbuilder, sbuild, piuparts, etc..)
> to support all of the items in your list.
>  * Add a field which allows a package to be cross buildable (that
> might be delayed until we gain support for all that in Debian)
>  * Regarding kernels...
>     We could easily setup an autobuilder which cross compiles kernels
> and place the packages into emdebian.org repository, but we need to
> agree what we want to support, probably a cross built version of
> Debian kernel package with extra configs they do not enable? Do we
> want to build out of mainline kernels? Should we provide security
> fixes on those out of mainline tree kernels? Or should we just build
> kernel versions which are marked as long term support (2..6.32,2.6.37)
> and/or long term support for embedded (2.6.35)?
The big difficulty with this is going to be getting all the fixes that
are necessary into the kernels.  Given that normal Debian kernels would
not need the fixes what is their incentive to accept them.  Just look at
the enormous list of patches that OpenWRT applies to the kernels, many
of which are for SoC peripherals (and this applies to MIPS SoCs as well
as ARM ones).  Yes these fixes should be in the kernel, but they are not
and without them the kernels are no use for boards like Micro Routerboards and
Ubiquity Routerstations (to take but two I have tried).

> Best regards,

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