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Re: Status of http://ftp.uk.debian.org/emdebian/grip mirror?

I'm not concerned about maintenance/unscheduled downtime - I was
just a bit worried when the Emdebian root disappeared from
http://ftp.uk.debian.org/ because the machine itself, and it's Debian
root, were still up and fine, and so I wondered if that mirror of Emdebian
had been discontinued.

I'm not very familiar with Debian repository/mirroring intricacies.


On 2011-03-09, at 1:07 PM, Neil Williams wrote:

On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 12:48:12 -0700
Patrick McNeil <patrick@phidgets.com> wrote:

Is it normal for the mirror to disappear completely during

Any machine undergoing maintenance will disappear during such times,
as far as internet connections are concerned. Copying the data to
another machine would take many hours, even if there was another
machine around. In this case, there would be little point in copying
anything because there are other machines with the same data which
remain available. Round-robin methods sound useful but, in practice,
make little difference.

If you need access to a particular machine so often that unscheduled
downtime is such an issue then you have bigger problems than any one
machine can solve.

Would it be better to use the official repository as the

The mirror was set up because www.emdebian.org was having problems at
that particular time. No single machine is ever immune to unscheduled
maintenance. Once you set up your own mirror you'll notice exactly the
same thing.


Neil Williams

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