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Re: Status of http://ftp.uk.debian.org/emdebian/grip mirror?

Ok, good to know. I will look into mirroring the emdebian repo for our customers. 

Is it normal for the mirror to disappear completely during Maintenance? 
Would it be better to use the official repository as the default?


2011/3/9 Patrick McNeil <patrick@patrickmcneil.ca>:

I just noticed that this Emdebian mirror has disappeared. I can't find any mention anywhere that this was planned.
Does anyone know if this mirror is gone for good, or if this is temporary?

It is temporary, the server is under maintainance.

I have a lot of deployed hardware in customer hands with http://ftp.uk.debian.org/emdebian/grip as the default repository
and this mirror suddenly disappearing is a major issue for me/them.

Consider (if possible) to run your own mirror if you are doing
commercial products.

Best regards,
Héctor Orón

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