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Re: Emdebian sprint / runtime device fingerprinting in bootloader

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 07:09:51AM +0000, Andy Green wrote:
> Well saying that it's very similar, then listing differences like
> GPIOs that could easily be runtime-detectable, doesn't really pin
> down whether that's a problem or not.

See the arch/arm/mach-kirkwood directory in the Linux tree.  All the
*-setup.c files declare different sets of GPIOs in static structures.
If you know a way to "easily" detect them at runtime, that could unify
a lot of this code.  I'm sure a patch would be welcome.

> What does "different amount of UART" mean when it is the "same
> Kirkwood SoC"?

(Note that I didn't say what you quoted.)  But it was a brain slip; I
was just remembering a difference in the physical connectors for the
serial ports.

Eric Cooper             e c c @ c m u . e d u

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