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Emdebian sprint - flash-kernel discussion

        Hi there

 flash-kernel is this place where we add support for a lot of weird
 boards of various architectures.  "flash-kernel" because it used to
 just write a kernel to Flash memory, but that's not always true
 anymore.  Because it's integrated in d-i and with initramfs-tools /
 linux packages, it is the easiest way to add support for one new board.

 But flash-kernel isn't in the happiest state right now, as new boards
 were added by copy-pasting the installation logic of other boards over
 and over.  Also, Ubuntu added more and more boards and features to its
 flash-kernel package, and the delta is really big now (I will take part
 of the blame for allowing this to happen).

 In the light of this situation, and because I think Debian and
 derivatives will support more and more boards via flash-kernel in the
 future (for instance modern ARM boards in the armel/armhf ports), I'm
 interested in improving flash-kernel's code, architecture and
 scalability (in fact, I started working on it [1]).

 I'm at the Emdebian sprint in Cambridge this week and I wanted to
 pursue work on flash-kernel this week, but a lot of people here would
 like to have a discussion on this work, and other people seem to be
 interested in solving the same problems in flash-kernel.  So in the
 interest of avoiding work duplication and in the hope to come up with a
 good roadmap and target architecture for flash-kernel, I'll be hosting
 a discussion on flash-kernel development tomorrow morning at 11am UK
 time.  (Sorry for the late notice!)  If you're interested in
 flash-kernel, if you have ideas, patches, etc. consider dialing in!  Of
 course, email works too.  I'll work on a wiki page summarizing
 tomorrow's discussion and the plans around flash-kernel.

 Dial-in details:
    Access code:            52386 86884#

    UK Local                +44 207 630 2405
    UK Freephone            0800 026 0166
    US Local                +1 781 761 9450
    US Toll Free            1 866 352 2709
    Brazil                  0800 881 0038
    Canada                  1 866 352 2710
    Finland                 800 523 103
    France                  0 805 980 044
    Germany                 800 589 0993
    New Zealand             800 452 290
    Taiwan                  0800 265 855
    China (North)           10 800 152 1873
    China (South)           10 800 852 1873
    India                   000 800 100 7944
    Poland                  800 331 1398

 Anybody is welcome to dial-in.  I'd welcome if you would notify me of
 your presence so that we can expect you on the call.  We'll be using
 #emdebian as back-channel.


[1] branch at http://git.debian.org/?p=users/lool/d-i/flash-kernel.git
 * adds a testsuite
 * consolidates code into functions
 * moves board support data into a database (currently inline for
   convenience of testing, but will be split out in its own file)
Loïc Minier

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