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Re: Emdebian sprint - flash-kernel discussion

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011, James Westby wrote:
> So longer term we should be thinking of having the hwpack generation
> read some information from the common files corresponding to the
> versions it is building for (e.g. grab the package containing the common
> files and look for the one with a specific name and take some info from
> there).
> That would allow us to share the data, while not worrying about having
> different versions of that data at hwpack-install time.


> I still think we should consider cases where the information refers to
> the rootfs when we come to do this, and not include that in the hwpack,
> instead reading it from the rootfs we are installing the hwpack in to.

 That's sensible; there is much less stuff relevant in the rootfs, but
 maybe pieces of kernel cmdline (cmdline would be built from rootfs part
 + hwpack part + linaro-image-tools computer part + user specified

 Did you have something specific in mind?

Loïc Minier

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