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Re: Readonly RootFS support in Emdebian

On Sat, 05 Feb 2011 14:24:37 +0100
Marcus Osdoba <marcus.osdoba@googlemail.com> wrote:

> > It also clearly documents the packages which require a writable /etc/
> > and has a few workarounds.
> >
> "Hacks" like creating symlinks from /etc/mustbewritable to 
> /var/writableconfigfile and changing the skripts to follow links could 
> be done in the packages already. If you know the files in /etc which 
> must be writable, the Emdebian package could include the "hack" already.

Emdebian Grip packages are NOT modified from Debian and therefore
cannot include such changes. There will be no modified packages in the
Emdebian repositories until Multiarch allows Crush development to

> > I'm not sure what you're expecting Emdebian to do. Using bind mounts to
> > allow writes into /srv and /home is not something that happens in the
> > packages, you need to sort that out in /etc/fstab. multistrap can put
> > that file in place using the setupscript option but as to what actually
> > goes into that file and how it works with other packages, that's not
> > down to the packages themselves.
> Agreed! (but look above for what can be done within the packages).

It can't be done within the packages - that's the point. Grip does not
modify packages in that way, it simply removes some bloat.
> >
> > Emdebian Grip has the same support for this as Debian - it requires
> > custom setups. i.e. hacks.
> Small tweaks like the mentioned symlinks could be done in Emdebian?

No. Not without patching the package and Emdebian doesn't provide
cross-built packages except for Crush 1.0.

> I hoped, that RO is a possible option for Grip and worth to implement 
> beyond Grip in any case (e.g. Baked).

No - only using bindmounts.

> I understood, that "be 100% compatible with Debian" and "have small 
> sized rootfs and RO" compete with each other.

Indeed. Grip's compatibility with Debian is FAR more important than
supporting a readonly system.

> Thanks for clarifying that. Anyway, I like to have something in between. 

Not supportable within Emdebian at this time. Patching packages and
cross-building simply doesn't work in current versions of Debian and
won't be usable until Multiarch is delivered.

> My device has 256MiB so I dont't really need a 32MiB shrinked down 
> system. I like the comfort of Debian to apt-get install a new package 
> and update the system with upgrade. The system should provide any 
> possibility while staying "small" sized. Furthermore, it should be 
> stable and well tested.
> With Grip I could achieve this!

Sorry, not directly with Grip. You would have to provide your own
replacement packages or use bindmounts.

Neil Williams

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