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Readonly RootFS support in Emdebian

Hi mailinglist,

I guess all of you know, that a readonly rootfs is a quite common requirement for embedded (unix) systems. I successfully followed the steps given in the Debian wiki [1] to come over some restrictions to make debian work on a read only rootfs.

I googled around and found some conversions regarding this issue [2]. Unfortuantly most of documents linked there are gone. Many Debian packages store their configuration files in /etc even if the package origin preferred /var. I experimented around [3] with multistrap and came to a similar approach like in [2] - I reconfigured (a small number of pkgs) to place their volatile content under /var - which is dedicated for this task. I set up an overlay filesystem with aufs2: /var-ro-base and /var-rw-overlay (the rw overlay is served via tmpfs in memory).

Does the idea exists, that the majority of the packages (at least those in Emdebian) provide a better support for RO rootfs - maybe with an overlay fs like aufs2? Or is this just a nice-to-have feature which must be solved apart from core Emdebian?

[ ] Better RO support would be great. Let's start.
[ ] RO support is not compliant with Debian architecture.
[ ] RO support would be nice, but no one has time to put energy in it.
[ ] Go away. We solve things on our own.


[1]  http://wiki.debian.org/ReadonlyRoot
[2]  http://www.debian-administration.org/users/endecotp/weblog/1
[2a] http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=50685
[3]  http://gitorious.org/dockstar/emdebian-multistrap

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