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Re: How to get multistrap rootfs up and running?

+++ Bjørn Forsman [2011-02-02 22:13 +0100]:
> On 2 February 2011 20:42, Marcus Osdoba <marcus.osdoba@googlemail.com> wrote:
> [snip]
> > The default kernels I found in Debian and Emdebian do not support rootfs
> > over NFS. Which kernel do you use? I dont't think that init=/bin/sh is
> > sufficient to get dpkg working. Maybe you should try it with standard init
> > (/sbin/init ?) and/or reconfigure the rootfs before the first mount by the
> > kernel (like I do in my example above - ok it's not baked but anyway).
> I built mainline Linux kernel for my board.
> Booting with /sbin/init is not working as the init package is not
> configured. There is no /etc/inittab and init freaks out.

That's right. So there are two approaches to the problem of postinst
scripts needing to be run native.
1) Use Qemu-static to chroot into the rootfs and configure it. I'm
planning to add this feature to both multistrap and schroot as it's
convenient sometimes to have it done at chroot creation time and at
chroot-entering time.
2) Use the script support to manually fettle the files needed to boot
(inittab, fstab, /etc/securetty etc) enough for it to boot, then you
can run dpkg --configure -a
See machine::variant support in the man page
This will help with the NFS mount method too.

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