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Re: How to get multistrap rootfs up and running?


Thanks for that quick response.

2011/2/2 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:
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> On 02/02/11 19:00, Bjørn Forsman wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> [It's my first time posting to the list so be nice :-) ]
>> I'm having trouble turning a multistrap rootfs (freshly baked) into a
>> fully configured and ready to use emdebian system.
> Baked has to be configured and ready to use as soon as the packages are
> unpacked. Every stage you want to do for that stage need to be
> hand-crafted for your system.
> Baked cannot simply be created and booted. It requires a LOT of
> specialist knowledge about your specific board.

When I said "freshly baked" I didn't know about "Baked" the Emdebian
flavor (sorry). I'm using (or trying to use) Grip.

>> So far I have used the sample file from "multistrap -h" and built a
> Please include your actual multistrap configuration file. That one is
> for a Debian Lenny system for armel.

noauth=true        <----- I changed this to 'true' so it would build
aptsources=Grip Updates


BTW, is this Debian or Emdebian Grip? How to tell when
"aptsources=Grip Updates" and "bootstrap=Debian"?

> Use the multistrap documentation: http://www.emdebian.org/multistrap/

I've already been there, but I could of course read it more thoroughly, thanks.

(Reading multistrap doc...)

It says that multistrap should create a normal debootstrap... I'm new
at this, but isn't a debootstrap supposed to have a debootstrap binary
inside? Mine does not...

Hm, "multistrap -h" example config contains a "bootstrap=Debian" line
but online doc uses "debootstrap=Debian" (DEbootstrap). What's the

The multistrap doc doesn't seem to talk about what to do after you
have built the rootfs. I have successfully built a rootfs with it but
none of the packages are configured so I cannot login. What to do?


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