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Re: How to get multistrap rootfs up and running?

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On 02/02/11 19:00, Bjørn Forsman wrote:
> Hi all,
> [It's my first time posting to the list so be nice :-) ]
> I'm having trouble turning a multistrap rootfs (freshly baked) into a
> fully configured and ready to use emdebian system.

Baked has to be configured and ready to use as soon as the packages are
unpacked. Every stage you want to do for that stage need to be
hand-crafted for your system.

Baked cannot simply be created and booted. It requires a LOT of
specialist knowledge about your specific board.

> So far I have used the sample file from "multistrap -h" and built a

Please include your actual multistrap configuration file. That one is
for a Debian Lenny system for armel.

Use the multistrap documentation: http://www.emdebian.org/multistrap/

> rootfs for a ARM board. Then I booted my board with NFS +
> init=/bin/sh. I read somwhere that I should do "dpkg --configure -a"
> to get everything setup, but this is what I get:

If it is Emdebian Baked ( http://www.emdebian.org/baked/ ) does not
support dpkg configuration. Every thing that dpkg would normally do has
to be done manually, by you.

> sh-3.2# dpkg --configure -a
> dpkg: failed to open package info file `/var/lib/dpkg/available' for
> reading: No such file or directory

Sounds like Baked. Sounds like just the kind of thing which worried me
about making a test Baked repository available in the first place. It is
*NOT* suitable for most people, Baked requires a massive amount of
detailed knowledge of this one specific board and exactly what
configuration you want and nobody can do this for you.

> So, what is wrong here? How can I get this up and running?

DIY. That is what Baked is all about. The website tries to be very clear
on this point. There is NO help available for Baked.

"Emdebian Baked is intended for situations where you know, in advance,
the precise configuration of the packages and do not want the packages
trampling all over the configuration. (Packages that make changes at
runtime would be up to you to handle.)

Emdebian Baked is an advanced system configuration - it will break lots
and lots of assumptions."

> I'm on Ubuntu 10.10, so my multistrap version is 2.1.6ubuntu3.

The current version of multistrap is 2.1.10 in Debian experimental.

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Neil Williams

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