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Re: Crosscompile problem

* Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> schrieb:

> > This only tells it where to look for .pc files. But it doesn't
> > make it rewrite certain -L / -I flags - and they *must* be rewritten,
> > otherwise they point to wrong locations (into the host system).
> That is handled by dpkg-cross.

Does it filter the pkg-config output ?

Actually, that was my previous approach, before we've introduced
native sysroot support into pkg-config, several years ago.

> > Crosscompiling w/o sysroot is simply stupid. Period.
> If your argument relies on abuse then you've already lost.

Already said something about that in another mail.
The main problem of not-crosscompiling is the fundamentally wrong
assumption, that the building system is completely compatible
with the actual target. In embedded environments, thats almost
never the case. Same for dozens of other specific (non distro)

> > You'll have to do too many hacks for proper path rewriting.
> > And: NO, simply using own --prefix+friends will NOT suffice.
> dpkg-cross has problems, no doubts about that. We did look at sysroot
> but it would only be an interim before Multiarch and there's no point
> making two incompatible changes. It's hard enough seeing how to move
> from dpkg-cross to Multiarch. Every time anyone looks at it, the amount
> of work doubles.

I admit, I don't really know much about dpkg-cross, as I'm using my
own buildsystem (git://pubgit.metux.de/projects/briegel.git), which
had sysroot from day one (okay, just counting the current generation,
in the old php-based implementation, about a decade ago, I had added
it later ... ;-o).

The idea of Briegel is to do the recursive package building (and only
that) in a clean, robust and easily configurable way. Other steps
like automatic QM checks, target-specific packaging, etc are sitting
behind it. Sourcecode management (so also patching, etc) is entirely
out its scope - that's done in the OSS-QM project.

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