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Re: apt-cross and xapt

 On 10/17/2010 10:50 AM, Neil Williams wrote:
Would xapt be acceptable as a NEW package which is actually an update
of a script already in Squeeze?

The problem is that for pdebuild-cross to be able to use xapt, it needs
to be able to install xapt within the pbuilder chroot and this is best
done by letting apt install xapt as a package when building or
updating the pbuilder chroot. Having to install pdebuild-cross inside a
pbuilder chroot (and therefore install pbuilder inside a pbuilder
chroot) seems sub-optimal.

I need to know how best to proceed before I can upload 2.2.6.

We do have an alternative which is to put 2.2.6 into Debian
experimental (as originally planned) but Emdebian squeeze - in the same
repository as the current cross-building toolchains. I reconsidered
this when I realised that apt-cross would likely be removed from
Squeeze, leaving Squeeze without a way of installing cross
dependencies for users using toolchains other than those from Emdebian.

I'm sorry if I don't fully follow the ramifications of what you are proposing, as my current needs for apt-cross are relatively simple, so I will just describe them. I have not yet tried xapt, so I don't know exactly how it works, but my primary use of apt-cross is to allow me to pull the libraries I need to cross-build binutils and the gcc-4.4 compiler, which I then transform using dpkg-cross and install so that I can do the cross-build. I guess if apt-cross went away and xapt was unable to perform this function I could get by just downloading the needed debs manually from the appropriate repository, but it would be nice if the Squeeze release has some tool that allows me to do this by harnessing the apt infrastructure.

Best Regards,

-Jim Heck

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