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Re: Dropping emchain in experimental, failure of apt-cross


2010/10/3 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:
> emchain is the only remaining reason to use apt-cross in the
> emdebian-crush package. emchain would need a lot of work to operate
> with xapt.
> Is there any reason to do that work or should emchain just be dropped
> for Wheezy? (Not sure if emchain actually works in Squeeze due to the
> problems with apt >= 0.8.x. Can't see that anyone is using emchain due
> to these problems.)

Yes, please, drop `emchain', `buildcross' already in experimental aims
to replace it as discussed previously in-list. But for wheezy, we
should wish to have cross toolchains built by autobuilders.

> apt-cross can then be removed from Wheezy if we change / drop emchain.

`buildcross' has a switch to be able to use `apt-cross'  or not in
desire of the user, but `apt-cross' makes things much easier.

> The latest changes in apt break apt-cross in lots of ugly and unfixable
> ways. All it needs is for someone to file the bug and it would have to
> be removed from Squeeze anyway. apt-cross was just about OK until apt
> was "upgraded" *during* the release freeze in ways that apt-cross can
> never support.

AFAICS, it gives some annoying and confusing output, but still does the job.

> xapt will exist in Squeeze, albeit not as a separate package (which
> will appear in experimental in due course).

> http://packages.debian.org/sid/all/pdebuild-cross/filelist
> /usr/share/pdebuild-cross/xapt

Looking forward for `xapt'. Is `xapt' goal to be `pdebuild-cross'
chain dependency solver or also it aims to be `apt-cross' replacement
in Wheezy?

Best regards,
 Héctor Orón

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