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Dropping emchain in experimental, failure of apt-cross

emchain is the only remaining reason to use apt-cross in the
emdebian-crush package. emchain would need a lot of work to operate
with xapt.

Is there any reason to do that work or should emchain just be dropped
for Wheezy? (Not sure if emchain actually works in Squeeze due to the
problems with apt >= 0.8.x. Can't see that anyone is using emchain due
to these problems.)

apt-cross can then be removed from Wheezy if we change / drop emchain.

The latest changes in apt break apt-cross in lots of ugly and unfixable
ways. All it needs is for someone to file the bug and it would have to
be removed from Squeeze anyway. apt-cross was just about OK until apt
was "upgraded" *during* the release freeze in ways that apt-cross can
never support.

xapt will exist in Squeeze, albeit not as a separate package (which
will appear in experimental in due course).



Neil Williams

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