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Re: Does a free software alternative to SAM-BA exist?

Quoting "Neil Williams" <codehelp@debian.org>:
On Thu, 05 Aug 2010 14:21:38 +0200
"W. Martin Borgert" <debacle@debian.org> wrote:

Quoting "W. Martin Borgert" <debacle@debian.org>:
> I need to use an in-system programmer for certain ARM-based
> microcontrollers.

> Does anybody know of a
> free-as-in-freedom alternative to SAM-BA?

With a GUI or just doing the job of moving bits from the development
machine to the board?

I prefer command line w/o GUI.

I already found "BSD SAM-BA"
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/bsd-samba/) and SAM7_PGM
(http://www.pjrc.com/arm/sam7_pgm/) — both seem to be
unmaintained since some years. What do the other emdebian
people use?

JTAG with Xilinx, OpenOCD or custom shell scripting, etc .

Thanks, I will look into those.
Proprietary kernel drivers are not necessary, right?

Depending on the setup, bootloader routines can be used for some
operations of this kind too.

Yes, Das U-Boot can do this, but IIRC SAM-BA is much faster
and you have to get Das U-Boot into the flash somehow.


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