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Re: Replacing emdebian-tools with emdebian-crush

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010 16:29:17 +0530
Abhijit Bera <abhibera@gmail.com> wrote:

> > But I want to use emdebian for compiling armel packages. Does crush have
> > armel support?
> Reply to the LIST, not to me directly

Seeing as no reply to the list has appeared....

... the answer was in the original email all along.
> > > > Having said that, the experiments with Crush are still not suitable for
> > > > a Crush 2.0 release. It is likely that Crush will not be suitable for
> > > > release until 3.0. I might have a handful of packages for 2.0 (possibly
> > > > only busybox-crush, debconf-crush and cairo-crush - dpkg-crush might
> > > > not be necessary) but whether those would make a sane release is
> > > > unknown.

So, No. At the moment, Emdebian Crush is not available for any
architecture, including armel.

That much should be clear from the website, the wiki and the recent
mailing list discussions. There will be no Crush 2.0 and therefore no
Crush for armel or any other architecture during the current Debian
release cycle.

Toolchains exist for several architectures and quite a lot of packages
now cross-build successfully due to the changes implemented in Debian
for Crush 1.0. That is as far it goes. The emdebian-tools package no
longer worked as a build system. The emdebian-crush package is not a
build system but a series of support files to use the main Debian build
system (using pdebuild-cross and pbuilder). emdebian-grip exists for
those who don't want a build system.

Please do not send replies direct to me - only reply to the list.


Neil Williams

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