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Re: Replacing emdebian-tools with emdebian-crush

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010 10:32:45 +0530
Abhijit Bera <abhibera@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Neil

Please keep replies on the mailing list.
> I just switched to squeeze yesterday. I want to know how different is
> emdebian grip from emdebian tools?

Apples and oranges - the is no common ground between emdebian-grip and
emdebian-tools. That is why it was removed.

The reason to create emdebian-crush was to bring the Crush experiments
into line with emdebian-grip and stop using two such completely
separate methods.

emdebian-crush concentrates on just building packages - not just
cross-building but mostly - and it builds packages exactly as the same
package would be built within Debian, including documentation and
other fluff. emdebian-crush then uses emdebian-grip to slim down the
packages, with extra removals set using the DEB_VENDOR switch.
emdebian-crush will use pdebuild-cross to do the actual cross building,
the package itself is mainly configuration support.

Having said that, the experiments with Crush are still not suitable for
a Crush 2.0 release. It is likely that Crush will not be suitable for
release until 3.0. I might have a handful of packages for 2.0 (possibly
only busybox-crush, debconf-crush and cairo-crush - dpkg-crush might
not be necessary) but whether those would make a sane release is

I've updated the Wiki to remove all mention of emsetup etc. With
emdebian-crush, there is now no need to have a cross-building toolchain
installed on your main system - everything is done inside a disposable
chroot using pbuilder.


Neil Williams

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