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Re: multistrap test

On Thu, 29 Apr 2010 11:40:33 +0200
Marco Hoefle <marco.hoefle@nanotronic.ch> wrote:

> On Wed, 2010-04-28 at 21:44 +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> > On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 17:55:45 +0200
> > "Hoefle Marco" <Marco.Hoefle@nanotronic.ch> wrote:
> > Thanks, but please include the version of multistrap used. (This is
> > just one reason why bug reports are better than mailing list posts -
> > the version is included automatically.) My tests will be done with
> > multistrap 2.1.3 from Debian experimental and fixes will go into
> > multistrap 2.1.4, also heading into experimental. (Things need to
> > settle a bit more before I disturb 2.0.9 in unstable.)
> I upgraded to multistrap version 2.1.3 and used the multsitrap config
> you provided, see below.
> I will file a bug, but first I need to know if I am doing something
> wrong or if it is a bug :)

If you're doing something wrong it's a bug in the manpage / docs, so
file it either way. 

> > 
> > Problem 2: you don't specify a Grip section and you don't 'include' a
> > conf file that does. This is where multistrap needs to improve the
> > error reporting - please file a bug report against the Debian package
> > - minor, asking for clearer error reporting in the --simulate option.
> bug is 579627

> > Problem 3: Don't use qemu. Test locally - multistrap is
> > architecture-neutral in terms of whether the config works or not.
> > Override the architecture on the command line for tests. Then you can
> > test the chroot too.
> What are the commands? When I chroot into the unconfigured armel root fs
> folder it complains that /bin/bash cannot be run.
> It is not there and if it would it would be for armel not for i386.

Override the architecture on the command line to multistrap.

$ sudo multistrap -f test.conf -a amd64
(or i386 etc.)

Command line options for -d and -a override the conf file settings for
directory and architecture.

You probably need some of the other fixes in 2.1.4 though, judging by
the rest of your test results.
> > Problem 4: There was a bug in multistap which I'll fix in 2.1.4
> > (experimental) where some Priority: required packages were omitted. You
> > can solve this in the meantime by explicitly adding 'dash' or 'bash' to
> > your GripSqueeze packages config.
> I tested with 2.1.3, it cannot find packages which where there yesterday
> using 2.0.9:

> Getting package lists: apt-get  -o Apt::Architecture=armel -o
> Apt::Get::AllowUnauthenticated=true -o Apt::Get::Download-Only=true -o
> Apt::Install-Recommends=false -o
> Reading package lists... Done
> apt-get --force-yes -y  -o Apt::Architecture=armel -o
> Apt::Get::AllowUnauthenticated=true -o Apt::Get::Download-Only=true -o
> Apt::Install-Recommends=false -o
> Dir=/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/multistrap_test/multistrap_grip/rootfs_unconfigured/ -o Dir::Etc=/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/multistrap_test/multistrap_grip/rootfs_unconfigured/etc/apt/ -o Dir::Etc::SourceList=/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/multistrap_test/multistrap_grip/rootfs_unconfigured/etc/apt/sources.list.d/multistrap.sources.list -o Dir::State=/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/multistrap_test/multistrap_grip/rootfs_unconfigured/var/lib/apt/ -o Dir::State::Status=/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/multistrap_test/multistrap_grip/rootfs_unconfigured/var/lib/dpkg/status -o Dir::Cache=/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/multistrap_test/multistrap_grip/rootfs_unconfigured/var/cache/apt/ install  dash/sid debian-archive-keyring emdebian-archive-keyring ftpd/lenny iputils-ping/sid openssh-server/sid telnetd/sid udev/lenny udev/sid usbutils/sid
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree... Done
> E: Release 'sid' for 'dash' was not found
> apt download failed. Exit value: 100

OK, I'll have to check that out. Hold on for 2.1.4 when I'll make sure
this works.

What version of apt are you running?


Neil Williams

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