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Another 200 packages in Grip sid and squeeze

The main additions are intended for openmoko support (but lack those
fso packages not yet added to Debian and LXDE.

In addition, grip-config will gain two tasks - one that brings in the
available openmoko packages (courtesy of a list from Paul Wise) and one
that brings in the lxde meta package.

If people here are using lxde, can you tell me what is used as a
graphical login manager? xdm, gdm ? Does lxde have one?

1,929 packages in Grip Squeeze (armel in this case).

On target for 2,000+ packages to be released as Emdebian Grip 2.0.

(I expect to add another 100 or so - those will be carefully chosen to
complete the existing sets, rather than adding new sets/environments.
Let me know if there are particular ones you need.)

The bug in ifupdown is still present - I'll try and implement a fix
within the repository in due course in case the bug isn't fixed soon -
there are 200 others.)


Neil Williams

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