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Re: strang problem about printf

Thanks Hector for your reply,
i can tell u whatever the application that i am running, @ the end it is just printf.
i dont know why the output of the printf is buffered like this,
it is just come out to the screen if i press any key on my keyboard.

so strange, isnt it?

From: Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com>
To: Wael Showair <showair2003@yahoo.com>
Cc: debian-embedded@lists.debian.org
Sent: Tue, October 27, 2009 2:34:49 PM
Subject: Re: strang problem about printf


2009/10/27 Wael Showair <showair2003@yahoo.com>:
> when i run my application on the board, it seems that my code gets into
> infinite loop or hangs & there are no printfs are out on the serial terminal
> (minicom) but fortunately, when i press any key of my keyboard, the printfs
> are coming out.
> i dont know what could be the cause of the problem, do u?

Is it posible to visit the code somewhere?

> i am using arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc version 4.3.3  from codesourcery to
> build my application, with it supporting
> i have used arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc version 4.3.2 to build my kernel

I do not think this is a toolchain issue, but something to do with the
application you are trying to run.

Héctor Orón

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