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dpkg-cross and binaries for gdb

We just got cross-gdb (using the emdebian package - woo) working.

(The lenny package still needs fixingso its manpage doesn't conflict
with the native gdb manpage - has that been fixed in squeeze or do I
need to work out a patch?)

And then we found it was dead easy to make a -dbg version of a binary
package. However to make this work you need to install the -dbg armel
package on the build/devel (i386) machine so that the local cross-gdb can
find it.

However, dpkg-cross doesn't help you here because it find there are no
libs or includes in the package so it installs nothing.

It seems this (debugging) is a legitimate case for cross-nistalling
binaries, so maybe dpkg-cross should help out here, in order to keep
the process better-ordered than copying over the target binary -dbg
package and manually extractiung the binary and copying it somewhere.

debug binaries go in /usr/lib/debug/<normal path> so e.g.

I'm not sure where dpkg-cross should put these things - maybe
/usr/<triplet>/debug (in pre-multi-arch world)?

So, anyone else think this is a good idea? If so I might try and work
up a patch to test.

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