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Re: Mirroring emdebian.org

On Thu, 17 Sep 2009 16:49:41 +0200
Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
>   Some people is trying to mirror emdebian.org repositories, afaict
> Andrew Lee is wanting to set up a mirror for ftp.tw.debian.org and a
> guy on IRC called  BuGless1 is wanting to do so for a NL mirror. I
> know we have a rsyncd running for a guy mirroring from Canada (IIRC).

There are a number of reasons why this is NOT a good idea right now.
I've covered some in the other post to the list.


>   Anyway, I am posting here, to coordinate efforts and do it the best
> way we can think of.
> A) Mirroring

Don't - at least, not for Grip and not yet. (There is little point
mirroring Crush as it doesn't currently work as intended and is not
being updated.)

Instead, if you have space (>10Gb) available on a reasonably fast
machine with a very good internet connection, install
emdebian-grip-server and add packages to Grip that do not currently
exist - things like other small lightweight GUI environments, missing
utilities, more (small) games, more (small) artwork or font
packages. . . . 

Don't bother duplicating the packages that are already available - the
filter system allows you to select only those packages you need, even
if that results in missing dependencies. You're aiming for a
complementary server, not a mirror. You select which packages get added
by explicit calls to em_autogrip - nothing gets added unless you want
it (work on an automated dependency resolver function was aborted as
the output of edos-debcheck is not sufficiently easy to parse reliably).

>     It has been suggested to use ftpsync[1] what really it is what
> Debian uses[2]. But current rsyncd is not providing useful
> information, it might need to be fixed.

Mirroring the current setup won't work well because of issues described
in the other post - the archive is currently changing almost constantly
and rsync just doesn't get a chance to work before it changes again.

> B) Listing the mirrors

B) Listing the complementary buildds:

What we need is additional apt sources that people can choose to use in
order to get a particular package set either via multistrap or on the
machines running Grip itself.

I also need bug reports from people running such services in order to
improve emdebian-grip-server.

Until certain technical issues are resolved with the www.emdebian.org
server, I would strongly recommend that nobody mirrors
www.emdebian.org/grip - it is only likely to make things worse with
regard to workload.

> C) emdebian.org /debian
>     As for toolchains we provide emdebian.org/debian (which it should
> be included in Debian main sometime) but while it happens, should we
> change emdebian.org/debian to something else, so we can share same
> directories with Debian main? Or should people mirroring to a
> ftp.XX.debian.org/emdebian.org/debian like URL?
> For crush and grip there is no such issue.


Neil Williams

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