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Mirroring emdebian.org


  Some people is trying to mirror emdebian.org repositories, afaict
Andrew Lee is wanting to set up a mirror for ftp.tw.debian.org and a
guy on IRC called  BuGless1 is wanting to do so for a NL mirror. I
know we have a rsyncd running for a guy mirroring from Canada (IIRC).

  Anyway, I am posting here, to coordinate efforts and do it the best
way we can think of.

A) Mirroring

    It has been suggested to use ftpsync[1] what really it is what
Debian uses[2]. But current rsyncd is not providing useful
information, it might need to be fixed.
    Alternatively I have been running a custom debmirror script to
mirror the repository to my usb-hd, that could be also done for
mirroring purposes, let me know if you need this script.

B) Listing the mirrors

    As we grow, it would be useful to keep track of mirrors on a
webpage. I can write such page if you provide me with the mirroring
links, so users near your site can benefit from it.

C) emdebian.org /debian

    As for toolchains we provide emdebian.org/debian (which it should
be included in Debian main sometime) but while it happens, should we
change emdebian.org/debian to something else, so we can share same
directories with Debian main? Or should people mirroring to a
ftp.XX.debian.org/emdebian.org/debian like URL?
For crush and grip there is no such issue.


Someone fancy to fix rsyncd and provide ftpsync access?

[1] http://www.debian.org/mirror/push_mirroring
[2] http://www.debian.org/mirror/ftpmirror

 Héctor Orón

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