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Re: openssl-vulnkey and python

On Wednesday 26 August 2009, Wookey wrote:
> +++ David Goodenough [2009-08-26 16:15 +0100]:
> > I just took a debootstrap installed debian system and tried to install
> > openssl, only to find that it was about to install Python (all 25MB of
> > it). As a recall one of the things that emdebian is trying to remove from
> > itself is Python, and so I was wondering what emdebian did for openssl
> > (and openvpn) both of which require Python (albeit python-minimal).
> openssl only depends on libc6, libssl0.9.8 , zlib1g
> and libssl0.9.8 only depends on libc6, zlib1g, debconf
> so I think python has only come in via a recommends. One thing we do
> is turn recommends off by default as that dramatically reduces the
> bloat from random utils that might be useful and need python.
> It's actually perl we've worked on removing from Crush, because it is
> currently 'essential', but also at least 19Mb (installed).
> But perl and python are largely equivalent in this regard, at least
> python dependencies are declared.
> Wookey
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Actually it is openssl-blacklist that contains openssl-vulnkey, and
in sid openssl depends on that.  And as openssl-vulnkey is written in
python it is rather needed.


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