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Re: openssl-vulnkey and python

+++ David Goodenough [2009-08-26 16:15 +0100]:
> I just took a debootstrap installed debian system and tried to install
> openssl, only to find that it was about to install Python (all 25MB of it).
> As a recall one of the things that emdebian is trying to remove from
> itself is Python, and so I was wondering what emdebian did for openssl
> (and openvpn) both of which require Python (albeit python-minimal).

openssl only depends on libc6, libssl0.9.8 , zlib1g 
and libssl0.9.8 only depends on libc6, zlib1g, debconf

so I think python has only come in via a recommends. One thing we do
is turn recommends off by default as that dramatically reduces the
bloat from random utils that might be useful and need python.

It's actually perl we've worked on removing from Crush, because it is
currently 'essential', but also at least 19Mb (installed). 

But perl and python are largely equivalent in this regard, at least
python dependencies are declared. 

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