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Re: possible option for Grip - POD content removal

I'm not a perl person, so my comments should not attract much weight ;-)

However ..... I can't imagine too many embedded systems that would
require perl documentation or formatting of the perl documentation. 
Such a system would probably be capable of running debian and maybe that
is a more appropriate distro to install ??

Guess it depends on the purpose of Grip as to whether it is suitable or
not to include PODs.

Is it possible for the user to choose POD versus non-POD ??

Does a similar concept apply to other scripting languages too (python,
ruby, ... ) ??

Cheers, Brendan.

Neil Williams wrote:
> Grip does have perl support and various Debian perl packages will have
> various degrees of POD content embedded in the perl script. The perl
> interpreter is obviously adept at handling and removing POD content
> very early in runtime operation of the scripts but it does mean that
> every perl script with POD content is both larger than it needs to be
> on the filesystem and takes more RAM during the initial phase of
> running the script.
> I can look into a tool that will do this for us but it's likely to
> require perl regular expression matches but it could save a reasonable
> amount of space and possibly runtime too.
> Is it worth investigating? Do people want to save the space allocated
> to POD content? There are 37 scripts in my /usr/bin/ that contain
> '=pod'. Quite a few of them are our own emdebian scripts. ;-)
> podbrowser and podviewer actually contain a lot of =pod code too. Quite
> often, POD content can be larger than the length of the script itself,
> so perl scripts with POD could be reduced in size by over 50%.
> Thoughts?

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